Wednesday, September 21, 2011


AFA's very own Caitie Craumer covered Gen Fraser's session on USSOUTHCOM:

Gen. Douglas Fraser gave a comprehensive report on the condition sin the southern regions, their progress, and problems, and how USSOUTHCOM is monitoring those impacts on our nation.

Economically, and especially from an energy standpoint, we are tied to the southern region. There's a significant connection betweeen our countries, and we are seeing optomistic trends in a decade of progress. Trade continues to increase with the United States, and over 60% of regional populations in South America support democracy. That said, there are many underlying concerns, particulary weak institutions of government in many regions. Violent crimes, urban gangs, and mass migration are among the security concerns, but for the most part, the region has learned that through diplomacy, they can work through their problems.

Transational organized crime in the Southern region profits from drug trafficking, and engages in many destabilizing activities. The United States's financial investment over the last ten years has been roughly 10 million dollars, but this has been used as assistance--problems are being solved with funds from within. Much monitoring is for drugs, humans, weapons smuggling and money laundering--this global industry is estimated at nearly $400 billion per year.

Mission: Conduct joint and combined full-spectrum military operations. To counter trafficking, it is important to build partner capacity, detection and monitoring.

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