Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CMSAF James A. Roy: The Enlisted Perspective

Guest bloggers Ian Dinesen and Nicole Daddario comment on CMSAF James A. Roy's session, "The Enlisted Perspective":

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James A. Roy addressed the Air Force Association audience with exuberance and pride on behalf of the enlisted members of the Air Force. He highlighted the tremendous responsibilities that our young enlisted members possess and the risks that each accept simply by joining our all volunteer force. Chief Roy addressed what is on Airmen’s minds by providing big-picture answers to everyday questions the most junior of our members face. He also provided his views on what the biggest challenges are ahead for the service and how the enlisted force can work to ease through the tough times to come. Chief Roy spent the majority of his time addressing the future and where he sees operations, development and resiliency in the enlisted perspective. The underpinning theme in all future endeavors hinged upon continued and enhanced training, education and experience, particularly in the face of declining resources.

"Bottom Line up front - You are a part of the best military in the entire world."
This is the message that Chief Master Sergeant James Roy persistently passed on to the Airmen sitting in the room. The purpose of his presentation today was to identify where we are today, what challenges we might face tomorrow, and where we are going. Did you know that there are currently 41,246 Airmen deployed all over the world?

CMSAF Roy talked about the changes coming to the the program and force structure, personnel compensation, and the sense of community at bases. He stated that we need to look at what draws families back to certain communities, and told a story of how his son could no longer play football in his community because there weren't enough kids for the team.

The final portion of CMSAF Roy's presentation focused on where the USAF is going. He highlighted upcoming changes in Operations, Development, and Resiliency. He put great emphasis on training and education, and said that if we do not update these things, our future is at risk. I completely support this statement, because everything in this world is constantly changing. Therefore, books and lessons must constantly be updated. What you learned 10 years ago most likely will not apply to today's world.

In conclusion, I will again support CMSAF Roy's bottom line. To all Airmen: At the end of the day, you're a part of the best Air Force in the world, and part of the best military that ever existed. BE PROUD!!

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