Wednesday, September 21, 2011

US Transportation Command Update

Guest blogger Nicole Daddario on General Duncan McNabb's afternoon session, covering USTRANSCOM:

The USTRANSCOM team consists of The Surface Deployment/ Distribution Command, The Military Sealift Command, The Air Mobility Command (the largest group on the team), The Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (newest member of the team), and the commercial industry contribution. There are 150,000 people, $56billion in assets and $14billion in revenue.

General McNabb said that USTRANSCOM has the authority to use its forces around the world, Therefore has the ability to move quickly. Precision is essential. He also discussed the necessity to get C-17's and MATV's out to the field, and what it takes to get the most out there in an efficient way. BRAC moves, Fusion Centers, and Business Process Improvements have contributed to where TRANSCOM is today. They are working on developing AT21 strategies and making the Enterprise aware of situations, such as natural disasters. General McNabb also believes that we should take advantage of social networking as a way to learn about and share resources.

TRANSCOM and its Enterprise partners will continue to provide valuable support to our nation by transforming and adjusting distribution and deployment to fit into a constantly changing environment.


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