Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Takeaways from the Misty Pilots

Guest blogger Liz Scott shared with us her take on the Misty pilots panel:

What an amazing group of brave, professional and humble warriors! Each Misty pilot gave a quick synopsis of their story. They were fun and inspiring. When asked by the moderator what lessons they would give to the people of our Air Force today, they provided some solid advice!

Charlie Neel: We put Colonels in charge of decisions, but they have to go higher before making a decision. Let middle management make good decisions! Also, provide people with intel. The “need to know” concept left some folks in the dark when they could have provided more to the fight had they been armed with more intel.

Col Robinson: If you are going to fight a war, fight it all the way and get air superiority. Don’t control a war from D.C. The graduates of this hard lesson learned planned Desert Storm with success.

General Fogleman: “I will do my job well and if they don’t like it … oh well.” True leadership!

General McPeak: Central control and decentralized execution is critical. Lessons learned from the Misty pilots were to improve technology and if you have outstanding people, you can get the job done!” We need to ask ourselves “How do we create teams that are effective in combat?” “We got it right and hope we continue to in the future because the existence of this country depends on it!”

Maj Gen Sheppard: “Know what we are fighting for and have the American people behind you!”

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