Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MISTY Pilots Panel

Guest blogger Nicole Daddario sat in on a panel of MISTY Fast FAC Pilots today, and heard some great stories of their time flying over Vietnam:

Panel: Misty Fast FAC Pilots

In 1967, the USAF tasked then-Maj. George "Bud" Day to form a top secret squadron of combat-experienced fighter pilots to fly the F-100 in a Fast Forward Air Control (FAC) capacity. Using the call sign Misty, these volunteers dedicated themselves to duty and proved themselves to be legendary heroes. Today, we had the opportunity to hear their stories straight from the heroes themselves.

A panel led by Misty 34 retired Major General Don Sheppard, consisting of Misty 22 retired Colonel Charlie B. Neel, Misty 45 retired Colonel Paul K. "PK" Robinson, Misty 86 retired General Ronald R. Fogleman, and Misty 94 retired General Merril A. "Tony" McPeak shared their individual stories from Vietnam.

Each Misty Pilot had their own compelling story to tell. They talked about their missions that took anywhere from four to six hours, and the risks that came along with them. Many were shot down in battle. Hearing their firsthand experience of being in combat and tactics they used to survive, especially after being shot down, really gave the audience a vivid picture of what it was like to fight in the Vietnam War. Stories like theirs are truly timeless. Learn more about the Misty Pilots' legacy in one of their books, "Bury Us Upside Down", or "Misty".

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