Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, USAF!

More than 60 years ago on September 18, 1947, the Air Force was born.

Over the decades, millions of men and women have contributed to the legacy in countless capacities, creating a rich history that continues to deliver excellence throughout the world. Let us celebrate the strong dedication and perseverance that has been displayed over the many years.

As we celebrate the 64th anniversary of the Air Force becoming an independent Service of the Armed Forces, let us remember the great leaders – such as Ira Eaker, Billy Mitchell, Frank Andrews and Hap Arnold – who have helped progress the creation and organization of the Air Force with their innovation and commitment. And let us never forget the contributions and sacrifices made by our Airmen of the past and present.

As we move forward, we much recognize today's environment as one filled with uncertainty, with diffult times lying ahead. Sixty-four years ago, the Air Force separated from the Army to become its very own Service and AFA had a vital a role in that independence. But the AFA will continue to advance in our aggression to support, advocate and educate on behalf of the United States Air Force -- the greatest air force in the world.

Happy 64th birthday to the U.S. Air Force!

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