Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CSAF State of the Air Force

Guest blogger Major Jim Horne sat in on Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Norton Schwartz's "State of the Air Force" and below are his comments:

Amazing speech! Hands down, the Chief delivered one of the most eloquent, poignant and comprehensive dissertations on air, space and cyber power I have ever heard. He boiled down the essence of airpower into a 4 + 1 construct.

Four key airpower tenets: Control and exploitation of air, space and cyberspace; rapid global mobility; and persistent ISR – all underpinned/enabled by Command and Control. He reiterated his commitment to and communicated the Force’s success in turning the corner on the five key priorities laid out when he took the post: reinvigorating the nuclear enterprise; caring for our airmen and families; modernizing and recapitalizing our aging platforms; and recapturing acquisition excellence.

Gen Schwartz challenged us to maintain a positive perspective as we advocate for the immense strategic value of airpower and recognize the opportunities presented in this “age of uncertainty” and budget challenges.

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