Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Washington Perspective -- TRICARE

Many of you know that the Administration has requested increases in TRICARE fees; establishment of enrollment fees for TRICARE Standard and TRICARE for Life; and linking increases in the out years to “medical inflation” – which has averaged 6.2% per year for the last decade. Additionally, DOD is requesting to tier the fees for TRICARE Prime and TFL based on military retired income. This is a first for any government benefit program.
These increases are not trivial – they result in additional revenues of $1.8B to the DOD for FY13 … and almost $13B across the FYDP.

I have asked our Veterans and Retiree Council to offer their advice on the Association’s approach to these fees. I will distribute that advice later this week. I am recommending the AFA Board of Directors discuss this next weekend.

For the details of the increases, go to this link on the AFA website:

For your consideration.


Michael M. Dunn 
Air Force Association


Anonymous said...

I deplore any proposed cuts and or added fees to the military TRICARE for the retirees over 65.
The entire matter of any reduction of TRICARE cuts is reprehensible. These so called "leaders" of
ours caused this entire budget problem through greed motivations and criminal neglect. It still
goes on through pandering to big money interests, oil companies and war profiteers. I think it
only fitting and proper that 70% of these CEOs, robber barons, war profiteers and politicians
that support them be imprisoned with 100% of their assets seized. Surely, there are other
much more wasteful programs that can be eliminated before we have to address cuts to
senior citizens who have stood in defense of these criminals in our politics so they could
maintain their pedestals and their greed motivated fleecing of the United States and its
honest citizens. I have dedicated all of my adult life to national defense. I was on active
duty in the US armed forces for twenty years. I spent an additional 22 years in US Civil
Service with the Air Force and the Army. I am not an idiot. I do know a Ponzi scheme
when I see it. As far as I'm concerned all these TRICARE cut proposals smack of a
typical politicians swindle. I.e. "Kick the retired military and senior citizens in the pants.
They can't fight back!!!!"

Anonymous said...
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