Thursday, February 23, 2012

AFA's 2012 Annual Air Warfare Symposium Underway!

The first day of our 28th annual Air Warfare Symposium is officially underway! We've just concluded the first day of the two-day event that started off with a powerful presentation by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Norton A. Schwartz -- speaking on the budget, the Total Force, and challenges of the future.

Right behind him was the “On Call Air Force” panel, with Lt Gen Harry M. Wyatt III, Lt Gen Charles E. Stenner Jr. and Maj Gen Brett Williams. Together, they covered the advantages of maintaining a strong Total Force with active, reserve, and guardsmen

Other highlights included:

Gen Kehler, Commander, US Strategic Command
Gen Hoffman, Commander, Air Force Materiel Command
Another great panel on Contingency Operations, with:
- Gen. North, Commander, Pacific Air Forces
- Lt. Gen. Fiel, Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command
- Maj. Gen. Y. J. Blondin, Assistant Chief of Staff, Canadian Forces
- Brig. Gen. Kodlick, Director, Public Affairs, SECAF

And wrapping up the conference was a presentation from Gen. Edward A. Rice, Commander, Air Force Education Command: "education, training, and experiences are the 3 legs of the Force development stool."

It's been a great, full day of excitement, and we hope you're following all the action! We'll have some follow-up blogs that go into a little more detail about the individual sessions.

Check out the AFA Twitter  (@AirForceAssoc) and the AF Magazine's (@AirForce Mag) to get up-to-date news on this year's symposium! Hashtag: #AWS

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