Thursday, February 23, 2012

“Panel: Contingency Operations” - with Gen North, PACAF; Lt Gen Fiel, AFSOC; and Maj Gen Blondin, Canadian Forces

The second panel of the day concentrated on "Contingency Operations”, and included Gen. Gary L. North, Commander, Pacific Air Forces; Lt. Gen. Eric E. Fiel, Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command; and Maj. Gen. Y. J. Blondin, Assistant Chief of Staff, Canadian Forces. 

(Left to right: Gen North, Lt Gen Fiel and Maj Gen Blondin)
General Fiel made a great point during this panel discussion that in the past “the Air Force has taken better care of our airplanes than our people” and noted that efforts are being made to shift that focus. General Blondin spoke as a representative of the countries that are America’s friends, reinstating Canada’s peace-keeping status. Blondin also asked the question whether “2nd tier military countries should continue to rely on “Big Brother”, or should we step up and start providing for ourselves”.

General North called for a readjustment of the focus to be placed on our priorities which will be tasked through the Department of Defense. He looks to building relationships to have the ability in a crisis to pick up a phone and communicate first, move on call, and shoot if required.

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