Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Note from the President: Op-eds -- Lloyd, West, Ralston, Carlucci

AFA Members, Congressional staff members, civic leaders, DOCA members, a few op-eds for your consideration:

First, Terry Lloyd, an AFA member, penned a thoughtful piece on 5 challenges the next SECDEF will face. The piece is notable for its succinctness and clarity. Tell me what you think of it after you read it. You can find it at:

Second, former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West has written – from Afghanistan – a first-hand account of operations in Afghanistan. The piece is a bit long, but it describes what he is seeing on the ground. Mr. West is not prone to hyperbole ... and I have to admit, the piece has shaped my personal opinions on our way-ahead. Again, let me know what you think after you read the piece. You can find it at:

Third, Gen (Ret) Joe Ralston has written a thoughtful piece on the Arctic Ocean ... and its vast potential energy reserves. He says we can no longer stand by as the Russians and others stake out their claims. You can find the piece at:

Finally, former Sec of Defense Frank Carlucci has written a piece that says Usama Bin Laden being dead does not mean the nation is secure. He states that this war is not just about the military. He calls on more from the civilian side of government and from the diplomatic corps. He argues that they will need to be better resourced to be effective. You can find the piece at:

For your consideration,


Michael M. Dunn
Air Force Association


Col. Dennis M. Drew, USAF, Ret. said...

Terry Lloyd's op-ed is very thoughtful but it misses the most fundamental requirement for a sound Department of Defense policy and that is a clearly articulated and broadly agreed upon long-term national defense policy upon which a force structure can be sized, organized, trained and equiped. Developing a well thought out policy agreed upon within the Exectutive branch of government and (one would hope) endorsed by the legislative branch of government - is long overdue in the post-Cold War era.

Ed Skeen said...

Those were some good comments. Since I have such a distaste for SECDEF Gates, it wouldn't be prudent to judge him. Number 180 F-22 should have rolled off the line enroute to 240. We should open the KC-10 assembly tomorrow and buy about 180 and then decide what we need in additional tankers. We do not need more "Combat Trained" Airmen. That is the job for Marines and Army. We are in such hurting status, right now, we couldn't fight our way out of a paper bag, much less a paper tiger. LT/COL Ed Skeen