Friday, May 6, 2011

Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

The nation often recognizes the courage, valor and sacrifices of our armed forces and veterans, and the great strengths they demonstrate as they defend our country and represent us around the world. But today, in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, AFA wants to recognize the significance of the Air Force family and the women and men that support our military heroes.

First proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, each year the Friday before Mother’s Day is highlighted in honor of the military spouses that balance families, careers and community involvement with the military service requirements on their families.

Military spouses serve our country in their own way, providing invaluable support, encouragement and assistance behind the scenes. Often helping their spouses carry the stress of deployment and caring for wounded warriors upon return, these individuals demonstrate an unyielding dedication to the military community. The depth of their unwavering commitment to the men and women defending our country is most admirable and deserves immense gratitude.

An integral part of AFA’s mission is to SUPPORT the Air Force family. AFA’s Air Force Spouse Scholarship program, designed to encourage Air Force spouses worldwide to pursue associate, bachelor or graduate/postgraduate degrees and gives us the opportunity to show our appreciation to our nation’s military spouses. [More information on the AF Spouse Scholarship program can be found at:].

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