Sunday, May 8, 2011

AFA Remembers V-E Day

On this day, 66 years ago, the Allied forces formally accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, ending World War II in Europe and marking the end of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Around the world, V-E Day commemorates the end of a six-year period of heavy oppression, unthinkable suffering, and unspeakable atrocities endured by many nations.

The scope of WWII was unparalleled, engulfing Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific islands, and drawing in North America. An estimated 22 million people worldwide lost their lives by the war’s end. Our nation’s contribution to the war was extensive, from our pilots in the air to our soldiers on the ground to the millions of supporters on the home front. More than sixteen million Americans served in uniform. Countless more provided the imperative industrial production and support to sustain the Allies war efforts.

Today we honor the heroic actions of the millions of individuals who put their lives on the line for liberty and justice. We remember those who suffered, those who perished and those who survived. We honor their courage, strength, valor and sacrifice. On behalf of AFA, we show our immense gratitude to the legacy they all have left behind.

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