Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AFA Thanks Members, Donors and Supporters

AFA’s President/CEO Mike Dunn received this kind letter from a New Hampshire supporter and WWII veteran last month:

Dear General Dunn,

            I feel that it is time to write to you! As you know I was a WWII Air Force Veteran, and at 87 years old, I have just about reached the end of my life; and sadly nearing the end of my assets!
            My wife and I live in a two room apartment in Hampstead, NH and there is nothing more that I would like to do than to support you, and the Air Force Memorial.
            You see, upon my service discharge after WWII, I signed up in the Air Force Reserves; to hold my Sgt. rank so that I could sort out my future.
            I had hoped to convince my faithful girlfriend to join me, as I hoped to make a career in the Air Force, and to my chagrin she said “no”. I survived my first “crash” landing!
            However, my love for airplanes and the Air Force had a place in my heart! I finally earned my pilots license at the age of 70; when all our children had left home!
            We raised our family; and now are resting in our 2-room apartment! I wished that fate had been kinder to us financially; but that is fate and life!
            I will always have memories of my Air Force years; my brother airmen; and those B-25s; B-24s; B-17’s; P-38’s and all the places that we lived, worked and sweat out the war.
            I have to thank my daughter for sending my WWII memories to you on her computer.
            I thank you, General, for what you are doing.
                             “God Bless America.”

AFA is exceedingly appreciative of the support from our members, donors, sponsors and friends. It is with their encouragement that we are able to fulfill our mission to educate the public about the critical role of aerospace power; advocate aerospace power and a strong national defense; and support the US Air Force, the Air Force family, and aerospace education.

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