Friday, March 30, 2012

Washington Perspective --Hearing season

These past two weeks, there have been many hearings on the Hill about the FY13 budget.  Most of the time, you can actually listen to them from your computer.  We try to keep up with them and put up a list of them on our website:  You can tune into them by going to the appropriate committee website. We just wanted to make sure you were aware of this feature on our site.
Specifically, this past week there have been three hearings on the request by the Administration to increase TRICARE fees, deductibles, and means test the benefit.  The best summary of the most recent hearing comes from Senator Webb's office.  You can find his press release here:
Similarly, there have been hearings in the House -- in the HASC and a combined VA House and Senate Hearing. AFA attended all these hearings and helped with the Military Coalition in their testimony.  

(Just wanted to keep you afloat on what AFA sitings on the Hill.)

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