Thursday, March 1, 2012

Note from AFA President -- Mitchell Hour

The past few months we’ve been able to increase the number of Mitchell Hours here, allowing more opportunities for dialogue on the issues affecting our national security, military and the aerospace community. With the recent release of the FY13 Budget by the Administration last month, we’ve been able to bring in some great speakers to dissect this new budget, and lay out what it means for the way ahead. (On Feb 17, we had a great presentation from Todd Harrison from the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, who presented a brief on what the new budget means for the Air Force.)

Next week, March 7, we want to invite you all to explore what the new budget means for the defense industrial base with Dr. Nayantara Hensel, Professor of Industry and Business, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and Mr. Fred Downey, Vice President, National Security, Aerospace Industries Association. Both have been speakers at our past conferences and bring a great level of expertise to the subject. Will DOD be able to maintain investments in science and technology as well as research and development? What kind of impact will cuts to various acquisition programs mean for industry? Does the new budget and proposed cuts offer an opportunity for ‘reversibility’?

You can read more on the event here:

Remember space is limited … and it is first come, first served for those who register. Also, all Mitchell Hours are free to attend and are held at AFA Headquarters – 1501 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA.

For your consideration.


Michael M. Dunn

Air Force Association “The only thing more expensive than a first-rate Air Force is … a second-rate Air Force.” -- Senate staff member

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Anonymous said...

I believe the greatest concern in the middle management to boots on the ground level of the Air Force is not with the change that we know is coming, but how it will be done. Especially the effect on careers and force restructuring. What senior leadership says and does in this arena is being analyzed closely and some of it is either not being communicated well or does not align.