Friday, March 16, 2012

TRICARE Advocacy

As Administration officials testify on increasing TRICARE rates, adding enrollment fees, means-testing, and (probably worst of all) indexing all of the above with “medical inflation,” we encourage members and interested parties to voice their opinions. We have helped prepare a statement for use in testimony by The Military Coalition later this month and perhaps early next month. You can find the statement at:

Secondly, the AFA Board of Directors essentially approved the AFA Veterans and Retiree Council recommendations as our official position. You can find the position at: Additionally, the Board also suggested that the commission DOD has recommended to look at retirement, also look at total compensation, to include health care benefits (and that it not be “BRAC-like).”

AFA aims to educate, advocate and provide support on behalf of the US Air Force. We stand firm on our stance and encourage others to write to their senators and to their local representative to share their thoughts on the subject. 


Anonymous said...

Always willing to give in to compromise? Seems that is why we are always in the boat of increasing fees. Once you give in the door is always open. Shame on AFA, when there is multiple times the retiree health care costs in fraud alone, to say nothing of trillion dollar give away programs for people whose only contribution to this country is being alive.

Terry LLoyd said...

Sure do not understand "Anonymous'" comment. AFA and the coaltion have been fighting the good fight ever since the idea of increases were introduced last year...