Monday, March 5, 2012

Note from AFA President -- Putin, Cyber Sentinal, CyberFutures

Recently, I came across an op-ed written by Prime Minister Putin from Russia. The piece was entitled: “Being Strong – Why Russia needs to Rebuild its Military.” What was interesting in the short piece (which appeared in Foreign is that what the Prime Minister writes could very well be applicable to the US. A few quotes to illustrate this point:

“In a world of upheaval there is always the temptation to resolve one's problems at another's expense, through pressure and force.”

“In other words, we should not tempt anyone by allowing ourselves to be weak. We will, under no circumstances, surrender our strategic deterrent capability. Indeed, we will strengthen it.”

“We see ever new regional and local wars breaking out. We see new areas of instability and deliberately managed chaos.”

I will only offer one point on this piece – as I am sure many of you will respond with your own points of view. Think what might have happened if we had used a portion of the stimulus funds for the Department of Defense. Not only would the Services have been able to begin the process of reconstitution of their worn out equipment, but in the case of the Air Force, they would have been able to invest in new aircraft the nation would operate over the next 30 years. We could have poured money into a segment of our economy which produces great middle class jobs, results in a positive balance of trade of $40+B per year, encourages the study of sciences and math, and is the engine of growth for the future. You can find the link here:

Secondly, if you have not taken a look at our new CyberFutures Conference here in the Washington, DC area, you need to do so. We have a great line up of speakers … this in an area of growth for both the government and industry. More on this in a future note … but for now you can find information about it at:

Finally, we have published – online – our second edition of our CyberPatriot newsletter. It is pitched toward a high school audience, however, I am always surprised when we get notes from adults … and middle schoolers on some of the piece. We had a “naming contest” for the newsletter and the winner was a student from the Anoka County Composite Squadron (Minnesota Wing, Civil Air Patrol). She suggested “The CyberSentinel.” Caitlin will receive an Apple iPod Shuffle. You can find The CyberSentinel here:

For your consideration.Mike

Michael M. Dunn

Air Force Association “The only thing more expensive than a first-rate Air Force is … a second-rate Air Force.” -- Senate staff member

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