Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy 237th Birthday, Army!

When the American Revolution broke out, the rebellious colonies did not possess an army in the modern sense. They created an amateur force with no unified chain of command and were led, equipped, armed, paid for, and supported by the colonies from which they were raised. But by spring of 1775, this “army” was about to confront British troops near Boston and found that they needed to re-organize their forces quickly if they were to stand a chance against Britain’s seasoned professionals. 

A need was recognized. On June 14, Congress resolved to form a committee “to bring in a draft of rules and regulations for the government of the Army,” and voted $2,000,000 to support the forces around Boston, and those at New York City. 

Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago, the Continental Army was established, beginning a rich heritage of successfully defending this great country and her citizens. Today, we celebrate the continued honor, loyalty and bravery of our Soldiers. From Saratoga to Bastogne and Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army has been committed to defending our Nation and its core values and beliefs.  

Happy 237th Birthday to the U.S. Army! 

But as today is not just the Army’s Birthday, but also Flag Day, we ask you all to take a moment to celebrate the service and sacrifices of men and women who have worn the nation's uniform – rather Army, Air Force, Navy or Marine Corps – and valiantly worked to defend this great country to keep Old Glory standing tall.

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