Monday, June 11, 2012

Air Force Chief of Staff at Air Force Breakfast Session

Gen Schwartz, Key Bridge Marriott,
Arlington, VA
AFA started the week off bright and early with an Air Force Breakfast Session, with guest speaker Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz. In his morning address, he spoke of the three important pillars to mitigating the possibilities of a hollow force: readiness, modernization and force structure.

"While our force is decidedly resilient, it's certainly not unbreakable," he added while discussing balance and the future of the Total Force.

He maintained that though we will find the Air Force reduced in the years to come, it still will be able to provide full spectrum airpower for America. He also spoke of the importance of a strong relationship between Active Duty and the Reserves. "It will take teamwork to maintain certain advantages. I'm confident we can do this," he said.

The transcript of this session can be found here:

Mark your calendars for the next AF Breakfast Session: July 17, Dr. Mark Maybury, Chief Scientist of the Air Force, at the Crystal City Marriott, 1999 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA. (Hotel entrance: 20th & S. Bell St.)

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