Friday, May 4, 2012

Note From AFA President -- F-22 part two

There is an issue I’d like to bring to your attention -- the recent ABC news story on the F-22.  The HQ of AFA has responded to the news with a note from me to you, to the press, and to the Hill.  [For reference, see:]  

a.  I received an overwhelming response to the note … and estimate more than half a million people saw it.  Thank you to those of you who forwarded the note for doing so.

b.  I want to correct one small element in the above note – the F-18 and F-22 oxygen systems are similar but not the same.  Still the Navy has had many, many incidences with its system.

c.    Today, I sent a letter to the President of ABC News, complaining about the lack of balance in his story.  You can find the letter at:

d.    The Air Force has just come out with a press statement.  You can find it at (and the blog post below):'s%20F-22%20coverage.pdf

e.    Some of you might recall the F-22 accident in Alaska that was referenced in the ABC News piece.  It is available on line at:

Finally, many of you expressed the opinion that Sen McCain’s words were … well … deplorable.  You found him to be poking fun at the Airmen who fly and fight in defense of our nation.  I will not comment further … other than I found his claim that the F-22 was only good for fly-bys to be unprofessional for such a distinguished patriot.

For your consideration.

Michael M. Dunn


Anonymous said...

To ABC NEWS: You may be national in scope, but, so are we. I hope, that, as happened at NBC NEWS, no one is terminated for slanted, inaccurate reporting of such an important issue.

Captain Michael W. Rea said...

Unfortunately, Senator John McCain is spinning-off in a galaxy all of his own. He does not reflect credit upon himself, the United States Navy, or of the memory of his father and grandfather - both Admirals. It is apparent the Navy has a reason for not promoting John to Admiral too.

I will speak much more frankly than General Dunn; I think John McCain is a fool. As a Vietnam veteran of the same era as John, I can speak of him much more freely.

Anonymous said...

Mike Dunn's attempt to deflect attention from the F-22 to the F-18 was ridiculously myopic. Air power is air power regardless of service. So let's set our standards a little higher and stop with the finger pointing an address the problem straight on without making excuses or using a "what about those guys?" weak defense!

Austin R Curry said...

Senator McCain does a disservice to the galant personnel of USAF as they daily commit to do their jobs for America in the best display of dedicated patriotism and loyalty to our great Nation. Any attempt to lessen and minimize the ongoing contributions to these fine men and women is, in effect, self defeating and demoralizing to those in harms way on every flight. We must not allow partisan politics to override the devotion of those protecting us at a moment's demand and change public opinion to the contrary. As an octogenarian USAF decorated Veteran of Foreign Wars I am repulsed by his statements. Our military deserves better!
Austin R Curry 19th Bomb Wing (Ret.)

Captain Michael W. Rea said...

May 5, 2012
My problem with the current state of affairs in the Air Force procurement commands and with the civilian leadership up at Wright-Patt and at the Pentagon, is that the people in charge are political appointees or Senior Executive Service career builders, and most have never see a shot fired in anger - wouldn’t want to. Most are lawyers, non-rated officers, girls, GS civilian employees, or congressional staffers, and have no clue what end of the jet the hot air comes out of.

These are the “career builders” who bias the procurement in conjunction with the Congress to address the short-term procurement of Air Force hardware year-to-year that suits the desires of their own career advancement and of the political winds of the moment.

These “career builders” are responsible for the F-22 fleet ending with 187 ships instead of the planned 752 ships needed for world wide air domination.

These are the “career builders” who stalled the F-35 program at about 15 delivered ships AFTER 10 YEARS since the program was turned on in Fort Worth.

That’s our problem with national defense.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" says: "Mike Dunn's attempt to deflect attention from the F-22 to the F-18 was ridiculously myopic"; and goes on to label it as "finger pointing" and "making excuses."

This is nonsense. What General Dunn is really doing is widening the military flying community's awareness of the problem. While (as he also says), the F-22 and F-18 have similar (vice identical) OBOG systems, both Services have a history of O2 problems in flight.

The Air Force's F-22 problem is recognized publicly as it was initially suspected as a cause of its first loss of an operational aircraft and its pilot (although the accident board finally decided otherwise) and months-long grounding of the fleet. The Navy's problems incurred no such publicity as no such drastic events were experienced.

However, as "Anonymous" also said, "Air power is air power regardless of service." Thus, the inter-Service sharing of a common problem and its potential remedies, which would benefit all involved, is simply common sense, good procedure, and to be welcomed.

Jonathan Myer
Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Kirk A. Gay said...

I am putting the detailed F-22 letter into my Military/National Security file. The details are worth keeping and give perspective. Also, it is considered that the ABC News "report" was not only irresponsible and untruthful, but it comes from those who have led a life sheltered by our strenght so long that it is all taken for granted. Kirk A. Gay, lineal descendant and 15-year member