Friday, May 11, 2012

Note From AFA President -- bin Laden Papers

Last week was the 1st year anniversary of the UBL raid.  Reportedly many documents were gathered during the raid.  The US government has released 17 of those documents to the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) at West Point.  On 3 May CTC released a translation of the documents – encompassing 64 pages.  
OK … it’s long, but … there is a very good introduction by GEN (R) Abizaid at the beginning of the document and an excellent executive summary of three pages.   
A quote from the executive summary to interest you: 
“Bin Ladin’s Plans 
One of the 17 documents is a letter dated April 2011 authored by Bin Ladin in response to the Arab Spring, which he considered to be a “formidable event” (hadath ha’il) in the modern history of Muslims. This letter reflected his intended strategy of responding to the new political landscape that was emerging in the Middle East and North Africa. 
In the Arab world, Bin Ladin wanted al-Qa`ida to focus its efforts on media outreach and "guidance.” He believed that a media campaign should be launched to incite “people who have not yet revolted and exhort them to rebel against the rulers” (khuruj ‘ala al-hukkam). But he also wanted to invest in guidance, “educating and warning Muslim people from those [who might tempt them to settle for] half solutions,” such as engaging in the secular political process by forming political parties. 
In Afghanistan, Bin Ladin wanted jihadis to continue their fight against the United States. He believed that their efforts weakened the United States, enabling Muslims elsewhere to revolt against their rulers, no longer fearing that the United States would be in a powerful position to support these rulers.”
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Michael M. Dunn
Air Force Association
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Captain Michael W. Rea said...

What drivel. Every time you ask the Commanding General you get PC rhetoric. Please ask the families of the many American GI's who have been fragged this year in Afghanistan "by their partners" and the reality of the true situation emerges.

It's not "terrorism" we oppose; we are engaged in a war to the death with Islam. The word "terrorism" is so quaint, so sterile, so politically correct. No, we should not be hurling epithets at terrorists, we should be hurling nuclear weapons at the many Muslim capitals around the world to reduce Islam to a smoldering dead cult, a flaming hulk of its former self.