Monday, May 7, 2012

New letter to Congress

Readers --

The Board of Directors of AFA recently put out a letter to Congress, writing to express this Association's great concern and opposition for legislation recently passed in both Houses of Congress. The legislation states any government agency can only participate in only one conference sponsored by a given organization per year; and it also strongly discourages such participation by imposing burdensome reporting requirements on any government official who speaks at a private organization’s conference.

In essence, this would dramatically restrict military and federal civilian personnel from participation in events sponsored by military and veterans associations. As AFA hosts multiple events each year at national, state and local levels, participation by military and civilian leaders is essential to our events. It provides a venue for dialogue between senior military leaders and defense officials and preserves the conversation with the American public.

We ask that you help disseminate the message and share with your local press our concerns.

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