Monday, April 14, 2014

Recruiting Retired Military Members

AFA has a large retiree membership base, making up a large portion of AFA membership. This group has continued to provide great support to AFA and its mission! Below is an article from the Membership Committee on recruiting retirees:

The AFA continues to have a very strong retiree membership base. They not only make up a majority of the membership, they also hold a majority of the leadership positions at chapter, state, and national levels. However, chapters should still put effort into recruiting those transitioning from their military careers.

There are several key opportunities to attract soon to be, or new, retirees. One way is by getting involved with the Retiree Activity Office at a local base. As most of you know, they have the master list of all the retirees in the area… although they can’t just give it out to your chapter, they do have events and newsletters which you can use to spread the word about your AFA chapter.

Another possibility is to get in touch with the local base’s Airman and Family Readiness  Center. Airmen are required to attend their Transition program so if you can reach out and at the very least put brochures in their office you will have a large audience. One successful technique to engage with those transitioning is to highlight that with the AFA they can stay connected to Airmen and the Air Force mission.

Lastly, remember to constantly look at your AFA roster to see if any fresh retirees have moved in the area, reach out to them, and welcome them into your chapter.

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