Tuesday, April 15, 2014

AFA Legacy Life Membership

The Legacy Life Membership program is a brand new membership offering from AFA. The program is designed so that current AFA members can bestow a life membership to a family member or friend.

Former AFA National President and former Chairman of the Board, Bob Largent, recently gave one to his son. Read about their experience with the program:

Having been an AFA Life Member myself for over 30 years, my wife Becky became a Life Member in 2007. During my tenure as AFA National President and later, Chairman of the Board, I also provided our son, Scott, with an annual membership, going on some ten years now. While Scott never served in the Air Force, he grew up ‘in’ the Service and after graduating from high school and college, settled with his family in Clinton, Missouri, near Whiteman AFB. He’s been a member of the Whiteman Chapter and, while serving as an elected representative in the Missouri legislature, sponsored several AFA briefings to their Military and Veterans Affairs Committees there. Becky and I thought it time to make his membership ‘permanent’ and were delighted when the Association made the Legacy Life Membership available. We’re pleased that Scott will carry on our legacy of service through his several civic and entrepreneurial endeavors … and especially the educate, advocate and support mission of the Air Force Association.
If you are interested in this program, contact membership@afa.org.

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