Friday, April 18, 2014

Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid

This year marks the 72nd anniversary of the Doolittle Raid, a single event with a lasting impact, defining a force the US could convey.

On April 18, 1942, four months after the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor that launched the United States into World War II, 16 B-25 Mitchell bombers took off from the USS Hornet headed for Japan. In a mission designed and executed by then-Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle, the Doolittle raiders volunteered to bomb Tokyo.

This raid launched a long-range strike to the heart of Japan in the world's most horrific war, boosting morale to the troops of World War II and the American public back home still grieving over the tragic loss of life at Pearl Harbor.

The Air Force Association salutes the brave men of the Doolittle Raiders. Today, may we take time to remember the daring young men who showed great courage and sacrifice in one of the most daring operations of its time to be undertaken by the United States.

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