Monday, December 10, 2012

Support for our Fighting Falcons!

AFA is proud to support our United States Air Force Academy Football team as they prepare for the Armed Force Bowl later this month, but we need your help. In an effort to pack the stands in our favor, we are helping spread the word on the Academy's annual initiative to provide assistance to enlisted personnel of all services to attend a bowl game. Essentially the Air Force Academy buys down the cost of tickets and generous donors (individuals, groups and corporations) provide additional resources so that most deserving airmen, soldiers, sailors, marines and coast guardsmen and their family members receive complimentary tickets to attend the college bowl game. This year, the Academy will be playing in the Armed Forces Bowl in Ft. Worth, TX on 29 Dec.

Donations are tax deductable to the extent possible. Recipients of the tickets are chosen by installation commanders, chief master sergeants, first sergeants or their equivalents. This flier explains the program and provides instructions on how to purchase/donate tickets. For additional information, please contact the United States Air Force Academy Ticket Office at 1-800-666-USAF or go to their web site at:

Best of luck to our Fighting Falcons!

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