Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy 71st Anniversary to Civil Air Patrol!

Photo courtesy of the National Archives
 This Saturday, the Civil Air Patrol will commemorate its rich heritage as it celebrates its 71st anniversary! 

The all-volunteer, nonprofit organization of more than 61,000 members was founded on Dec. 1, 1941, less than a week before the iconic Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Immediately, they jumped into action – 59 members died, 26 were lost at sea and seven others were seriously injured while carrying out CAP missions during World War II.
Today, the Civil Air Patrol has undeniably remained a true asset to America’s defense. They help train and mentor today’s youth through aerospace education programs nationwide. They undergo search and rescue missions; disaster relief; and other emergency services yearlong. These individuals have performed
with great heroism and professional in all that they do.

AFA and CAP has an outstanding relationship, as we have a strong history of working closely together to further the initiatives of educators with our grant programs and promote STEM education with our CyberPatriot program.The partnership AFA has with the Civil Air Patrol continues to be fueled with a passion for furthering the educational opportunities for the public.

But in all that they do, CAP demonstrates the highest sense of patriotism and pride in their mission, and their legacy of selfless
sacrifice and commitment to country and community continues to thrive through today’s members and volunteers.
On behalf of the Air Force Association, we wish CAP a very happy 71th birthday!

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