Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Airpower: A National Asset

Earlier this week, an AFA member had a great article published in his local publication, in Central Florida.
America's Air Force is critical to its safety
By Mike Emig (Special to the Star-Banner)

In modern conflicts, airpower truly is a national asset. Airpower is extensively used at the entry point of conflict, preparing the battlefield and providing much needed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). As conflicts charge on, airpower doesn’t cease, but becomes that much more important to all other operations: air attacks, close air support, aeromedical evacuation, reconnaissance, etc. Then it does not leave a zone until after the last of the ground troops are withdrawn.

The role of airpower continues to be an integral part of the strategic planning of military missions. In Iraq and Afghanistan, airpower forces struck first at hostile forces on the ground, provided continuous ISR of the battle space, kept the skies clear of dangers with hundreds of thousands air patrols, provided highly responsive medical evacuation for the wounded and contributed the massive airlift capabilities required to move and sustain a joint force across the globe. But let’s not forget the rescue efforts and humanitarian relief during natural disasters in Haiti, Japan and here at home.

Read more here >> http://www.ocala.com/article/20121202/OPINION/121139964/-1/registration

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