Monday, August 22, 2011

Note from AFA President -- Guard/Reserves, Fighters

AFA members, Congressional staff members, civic leaders, DOCA members, most of us are aware of our absolute dependence on the Guard and Reserves – as we enter our 10th year of combat.  [Note:  I hope all of you paused a bit with the 10th year comment … because our Air Force is entering into its 22nd straight year of combat … to include Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Deliberate Force, Southern and Northern Watch.  As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I want every one of you to be on the lookout for editors and others who proclaim we’ve only been at war for 10 years – because that’s not the case.]  Most Americans, however, do not really understand the sacrifices our citizen-Airmen/soldiers.  One of our staff members [thank you Merri] found this piece … which tells of loss of a job … and starting over.  Read it and give me your comments on it.  You can find it at:
Secondly, an excellent editorial by Gen (Ret) John Michael Loh appeared in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.  In it, Gen Loh points to the many advantages of Airpower and posits that the DOD must maintain air dominance and a strong industrial base.  The two go together, and both are national treasures.  You can find the piece at:  A couple of quotes from the piece to interest you: 
“The American public expects our forces to dominate adversaries quickly. Air warfare is not a sporting event. It is not acceptable to win by small or even large margins. The U.S. must win 99-0, not 99-98 in double overtime. The new standard demands this level of dominance.”
“Every time American fighter pilots climb into their cockpits, they know they are strapping into the best fighter planes in the world. That gives them the confidence they need to perform any mission successfully. Airmen have always had the upper hand against any adversary because the U.S. defense industry has been able to develop and produce the world's best fighters, for our forces and allies. Today, the F-22 and the F-35 fighters give fighter pilots the ability to dominate in a multitude of missions.”
For your consideration.

Michael M. Dunn
Air Force Association

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Anonymous said...

I find that Gen Loh's article fits nicely with a comment I recently made to my congressman who sits on the HASC..."When it comes to warfare, I have no problem with the concept of breaking eggs with a sledge hammer."