Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CyberPatriot IV - Don't forget to register!

Is your local high school participating in CyberPatriot? Do they have what it takes? Because we think they do! 

Don't forget to register for CyberPatriot IV -- the premier national cyber defense competition for high school students!

From smart phones and emails to online banking and shopping, so many of our daily activities involve access to the cyber world. The nation’s dependency on cyber networks continues to increase and with it the potential for cyber threats. This is why CyberPatriot was created!

Open to all high school students, CyberPatriot is the ultimate cyber game! Competitors get to control computer networks, learning to defend and protect computer systems from cyber threats and potential hackers. Established by the AFA, this program provides students hands-on learning about technology, emphasizing teamwork and leadership, and exercising critical-thinking skills.

Find out if your area is being represented in CyberPatriot.Help spread the word across the country to all 50 states! Registration ends October 8th. 

For more information on CyberPatriot, go to

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