Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DOD launches new website on cyber strategy

The DOD recently launched a new website only weeks after they released their first comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to guide the department's efforts to fight cyber attacks going forward.

The website will act as a companion to the strategy as a resource for the DOD's execution of it. The site provides detailed content on the five pillars of the new cyberstrategy: to treat cyberspace as an operational domain; to employ new defense operating concepts; to partner with the public and private sector; to build international partnerships; and to leverage talent and innovation.

AFA commends the initiatives being taken by DOD to further explore the opportunities of asymmetric impacts in cyberspace, and how it can significantly affect U.S. defensive readiness, national security and the nation’s day-to-day functions.

We encourage you to explore the new site as it is a platform underscoring how important cybersecurity is to the department. DOD's efforts are not to exploit civilians' internet privacy nor do they have plans to use its power to control cyberspace, but to take proactive measures to fortify our national security.

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