Friday, July 8, 2011

Note from the AFA President: Member Op-eds

AFA members, Congressional Staff members, civic leaders, DOCA members,

In recent days there have been some very good op-eds written by our members that have been published around the country. Here are a few:

From Pittsboro, NC, published in the News and Observer, Greg Power makes the excellent point that the air war over Libya is indeed a war
- and should be treated so by the Administration and the Congress. He points to the numerous times when the contributions of Airmen of all Services have been down-played or forgotten. The most vivid example of that was Desert Storm - characterized by CJCS and Commander of Centcom as a 100 hour war ... when in reality it was a 1,000 hour war ... and during the first 900 hours Airmen were fighting, dying, and being captured. 

You can find the piece at:

From the North County Times in California, Rick Gibbs makes the point that any defense cuts should focus on what we want our military to do in the future. He offers three excellent principles the Pentagon should consider:

"The most affordable and effective war we fight is the one we don't fight. Deterrence has proven effective ... not just with nuclear weapons, but with conventional ones. If the U.S. remains strong, our potential enemies will think twice before challenging us.

Regime change and occupation are not in our national interest. We do not excel at building nations, creating workable institutions, nor educating populations on the benefits of the West. It is better for us to remove barriers to development, foster trade between nations, and let the countries build institutions in their own way.

One way to secure our interests, minimize casualties, and do so in a cost effective way is by air, space, cyberspace and naval power. This requires up-front investments in military hardware, education, and training. It builds our industrial base, keeps us on the cutting edge of technology advances, inhibits a technology break-out by our adversaries, encourages our children to study math and science, and provides the economy with well-paid jobs."

The piece can be found at:

From the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Arthur MacFadden argues that defense spending is not the cause of our $1.6T budget deficit, that a strong AF is vital to the country; and that the nation cannot wait until conflict to build a strong AF. 

You can find the piece at:

Finally, former Chairman of the Board Bob Largent has penned a current issue piece on the MC-12 Liberty. The Senate Armed Services Committee, in its mark-up of the FY12 Defense budget, transferred Air Force MC-12s to the Army. AFA does not support this, and Bob has captured the main points very well. 

You can find the piece at:

For your consideration.

Michael M. Dunn
Air Force Association


Harry Snyder said...

My very brief service in the USAF gives me very little standing to comment, but as an octogenarian, I've seen a lot of history.
Shorting or starving our Military is not good policy, especially when billions upon billions of dollars are being spent on less critical problems. I've said that replacing lost or worn-out materiel would be a very good jobs program to be part of the "Stimulus."
To me cutting Defense is like cancelling part of your house insurance or not maintaining your car. Especially when the adversary/enemy China is proceeding full throttle on its military forces, e.g. their version of our (vital) F-22.
Thank you for your attention.
Harry Snyder AF 16 334 701

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "Op-eds". Keep them coming.