Friday, July 15, 2011

DoD Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace

The Pentagon yesterday released its first strategy for operating in cyberspace. The plan includes five strategic initiatives: organizing and training professionals to take full advantage of cyberspace’s potential; employing defense operating concepts to protect DoD networks; partnering with other U.S. government departments and agencies, as well as the private sector; building relationships with international partners to strengthen collective cybersecurity; and leveraging the nation’s ingenuity through an exceptional cyber workforce and rapid technological innovation.

The Air Force Association welcomes this strategy and its implementation. The asymmetric impact in cyberspace, along with the tool and techniques developed by cyber criminals, can significantly affect U.S. defensive readiness, national security and the nation’s day-to-day functions. 
" A failure by the Department to secure its systems in cyberspace would pose a fundamental risk to our ability to accomplish defense missions today and in the future."
- 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review
We encourage you to read the document as it offers a roadmap of DoD's expected efforts to effectively operate in the cyber domain and defend national interests in the years to come.


Edward said...

When I submit for preview, my comments are dropped. 2nd time now. Once again, we forget that P Reagan tripled the National Debt, while lowering the income taxes on the rich and raising SS taxes on the poor. P Clinton raised taxes and had a budget surplus in his last years. P Bush II lowered taxes and doubled the National Debt.

We pay absurdly low taxes in this country. Oliver Wendell Holmes, I think, said that "Taxes are the price that we pay for civilization." I agree.

Edward said...

P Reagan tripled the National Debt by lowering taxes on the rich and raising SS taxes on the poor. P Clinton more than balanced his last budgets after raising taxes. P Bush II tripled the National Debt after lowering taxes. (Now equal to $400 Billion/year)
Gasoline tax was last raised in 1993 and we are a nation that believes in capitalism where one reduces usage by raising the price.!! A 1 cent / gallon tax on gasoline would bring in $1.5 Billion/year. This is the 3rd time I have tried to use this blasted site. It keeps disappearing my comments!!

Edward said...

We need to increase taxes