Monday, July 11, 2011

Couple wed at Air Force Memorial

Last week, as the nation celebrated its 235th birthday, a couple from Bowie, Maryland, decided to make the day a special anniversary for them, too. 

Photo Courtesy of the Air Force Memorial
Air Force Master Sergeant Chris Sweet and his new bride Danielle Balmer exchanged their vows on July 4, 2011, beneath the Air Force Memorial, overlooking the nation's capital. Both Sweet’s and Balmer’s background hold a similar tragedy, which ultimately brought them together. Both had lost spouses to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

According to a Fox DC article, Air Force Technical Sergeant Ryan Balmer was killed in Iraq four years ago while Jessica Sweet, also an Air Force Technical Sergeant, died from leukemia two years ago after exposure to toxic smoke at burn pits in Afghanistan. Chris and Danielle first met more than two years ago at a program for families whose loved ones died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Air Force Memorial is a place of great significance to us here at the Air Force Association. It’s also a national place of pride, reverence and remembrance to the many men and women who’ve served this country in the US Air Force and its heritage organization.

Best wishes to the newly-wed couple who started their new life together under the pillars of the Air Force Memorial. We are so very proud and excited to have able to share with them the majesty of our Memorial.  

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