Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Note from the AFA President

I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Craig McKinley, the new President of this great Association, and I want to tell you how excited I am about joining you in the great work of AFA.  I appreciate my predecessor’s beginning these notes, and I plan to keep sending them to keep up the airpower dialogue we’ve enjoyed over the past five years.
National Cyber Security Awareness Month has been observed each October since its inception in 2004 and is used nationally as an opportunity to encourage safe practices and protection while operating in the cyber domain. As the nation’s critical infrastructure relies heavily on the Internet and networking for almost everything, there is a need for resiliency in this area more than ever. With increased connectivity comes increased risk and vulnerabilities – thus making cybersecurity one of our country’s most important national security priorities.
AFA has adopted the task of helping prepare today’s youth for cyber leadership with the establishment of CyberPatriot—The National High School Cyber Defense Competition. In CyberPatriot, participants compete online as their assignment is to identify and correct flaws and weaknesses in simulated computer systems while keeping specified computer functions working. It teaches students to defend and protect computer networks from real-life computer threat scenarios.
We are pleased to announce that registrations for the 2012-2013 school year have again passed 1,000 teams in all 50 states! There are only a few days left until registration closes (October 6), so please, help spread the word to your local high schools, JROTC squadrons, Naval Sea Cadets, and Civil Air Patrol units.
This year, 26 teams will earn all-expenses paid trips to the Washington, DC area where they will compete head-to-head at the National Finals Competition in late March.  Every member of last year’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams were awarded scholarships from CyberPatriot’s presenting sponsor, the Northrop Grumman Foundation.
Visit to find out if your local school has signed up! Registration continues through October 6th.  Please visit
For your consideration,
Craig R. McKinley
Air Force Association

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