Tuesday, October 23, 2012

AF's Contribution to Intel Agencies

This article came out last week, and in honor of National Cyber Awareness Month, it's definitely worth sharing.

The Air Force, without a doubt, is a national asset. Its actions serve not only its own operational needs and requirements, but those of other armed services. Without the Air Force's space communications and airborne ISR, other US forces will have great difficult finding the enemy, much less mounting an effective attack. The Air Force provides the essential capabilities that make America's joint operations possible and has been involved in nearly every military operation overseas since 1991. But as DOD works toward defining 2014 budgets, adequate Air Force funding will be critical to ensure that the nation can count on its indispensable role in a time of shrinking resources. 

The Air Force Needs More Dough; Make Up $30B That Goes To Intel Agencies

by Michael Auslin, AOL Defense


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