Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anniversary of Victory over Japan (V-J Day)

Today, we celebrate Victory over Japan Day, otherwise known as V-J Day, when the surrender of Japan effectively ended World War II. Though the official documents were not signed until September 2, 1945, the Allied nations celebrated across the globe. 

The many celebrations did not just illustrate American sentiment on the surrender of Japan, but recognized the fact that  the Second World War had effectively ended, taking with it half-a-decade of global conflict and loss of life.

Reporters upon hearing the announcement of the Japanese surrender. (From the Harry S. Truman Library)

The infamous 'kiss' in Times Square. (Photo from the August 27, 1945, issue of LIFE)

V-J Day in New York City. Crowds gather in Times Square to celebrate the surrender of Japan., 08/15/1945 (Photo from the National Archives)

Check out some more great photos here!

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