Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Letter to AFA from AAS/SW

Last month, the Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings (AAS/SW), professional honorary service organizations, held their National Conclave in Washington, DC. Many of the students were able to attend because AFA field chapters helped with financial support. Further, four AFA Chapters in the MD/DC/VA area supported by leading a fundraising effort that brought 1,170 cadets and members of Silver Wings to an exclusive mixer at the National Air and Space Museum. Dan Woodward, the executive director of AAS/SW, sent a heartfelt thanks to AFA Membership, recognizing them for their support.

Thank you AFA!

Recently, nearly 1,200 Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings members, all AFA members as well, assembled in Washington DC for our 66th annual National Conclave. Many AFA Chapters and individual AFA members around the country, along with the AFA National Staff, contributed funds or other support to make this event a tremendous success. Thank you!

If you ever doubt the impact you have in supporting Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings as members of the AFA, I suggest you visit the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum where you will be able to hear the echo's of 1,200 cadets and college students chanting "U.S.A." in unison. Or take a moment to walk into the great Ballroom at the Wardman Park where you will find the echos of 1,200 of our youngest AFA members singing all verses of the Air Force song following an address by the Chief. Or stroll through the reception area at the same hotel where you will feel the energy of every Conclave attendee as the Chief stood for nearly two hours with them until 1000 pictures were taken and 1,200 hands were shook. You made this happen!

Every AFA member helped make this year's Conclave a lifelong memory for some of America's very best and brightest. As Executive Director of Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings, I am truly grateful for your support. Thank you!

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