Friday, October 28, 2011

Note from AFA President -- Proliferation of Technology, Factoid

AFA members, Congressional staff members, civic leaders, DOCA members, 
One of our staff members – Doug Birkey – who understands Airpower better than most, consistently finds things that provide broad principles about the essence of the art.
Here is an example:  Seems he found a fully functioning SU-27 available for sale on the open market for $4.95M.  It looks, from the specs, that it has been modified a bit … but has functioning avionics.  This is a superb 4th generation aircraft … perhaps the peer of our F-15s/F-16s … and if anyone with money can buy one, what keeps potential adversaries from doing the same?  Also, this shows us that we need to move forward on our F35 buy and begin a 6th gen fighter soonest. 
He also found a Russian Bear Bomber and a MiG-29 for sale … but … alas, the Bear was sold … (asking price was $16M).  [See the article below my name.]
Secondly, after the news broke that Khadafy was killed, the former AF Historian, Dick Hallion, sent me the following note:
...Given the events of the last 24 hours, it might be worth noting that a century ago, on October 23, 1911, Italian airman Captain Carlos Piazza initiated the operational fixed-wing air power era by flying a reconnaissance [sortie] over Libya from Tripoli to Aziza in a Bleriot, while, just over a week later, 2nd Lt. Giulio Gavotti of the Squadriglia di Tripoli dropped 4 small bombs from a Taube on the towns of Taguira and Ain Zara...
We should remember, when asked about Libya, to make 3 points:
  1. A rag-tag militia, supported by modern Airpower, defeated a large standing Army
  2. The cost to the US was less than $2B – about the cost of one-week’s operation in Afghanistan … and there were no US/Allied casualties
  3. NATO, for all its warts, performed superbly … and should be congratulated
For your consideration.

Michael M. Dunn

Air Force Association

For sale: Working strategic bomber and Cold War icon
 Flight Global
November 5, 2010

Good morning, shoppers. Christmas is right around the corner. It's never too early to look for 'stocking-stuffers'. Here's an idea: Cold War icon Tu-95 "Bear" bomber (above) posted for sale last month on eBay!

The auction unfortunately closed on 23 October, but I have good news: Richard Moore, of, which arranged the eBay auction, confirmed to me this morning that the bomber is still for sale. The listed eBay price of £10 million (US$16.2 million) is still in the right ballpark, Moore says.

I asked Moore how acquired the Tu-95, which does not reveal any identifying marks in the eBay photos. Moore replied that he was entering a meeting, then asked me to call back on Monday. So stay tuned for the back-story, I guess.

You might think £10 million is a little steep, but, honestly, where else are you going to find a working strategic bomber and carrier battle group nemesis at that price [emphasis added]?

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Clyde Pointe said...

Mr. Dunn and Mr. Hallion would you please identify to the Association members and readers; WHO was it that requested this un-authorized incursion? Please name the 'People', that did NOT want NATO to operate the incursion; and had a Command and Control outside of NATO? Would Mr. Dunn and Mr. Hallion please explain how Designator air to ground weapons were used without U.S. Ground forces designating the targets?

Would Mr. Dunn and Mr. Hallion please explain what the SOF agreement was and is; when NATO forces are captured? Would Mr. Dunn and Mr. Hallion please explain how U.S. Air Power failed to account and control 10,000 ground to air weapons as well as two deadly Chemical Weapons?

U.S. soldiers have been tried and Court-Martialled for excessive failure to 'Control', in a fire fight or house to house search. Who of the Command and Control; and initiators of the Libya invasion with U.S. Air Power will be answering for the "Desert Militia Boarding" of the now deceased Colonel?

Those involved in the campaign(what will this be called); deserve our prayers and commendations for a mission well done. U.S. Armed Forces DID sustain injuries and damages during the campaign, and this too the Air Force should be open with.

The damage has been done; U.S. Forces through an unknown Command and Control, initiated 'war', outside of NATO; and then used NATO to use U.S. assets.