Thursday, October 13, 2011

AFA Congratulates Newly Elected Leaders; Steele Chapter Swears in New Officers

Each year, AFA delegates come together at the National Convention to discuss the future of the Association and to vote on new national and regional officers. The 2011 National Convention, held in conjunction with the Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition, was a great success and we’d like to congratulate the following members who were elected or reelected to office:

National Officers:
  • S. Sanford “Sandy” Schlitt (FL) – 2nd term Chairman of the Board
  • Justin Faiferlick (IA) – 2nd term Vice Chairman of the Board, Field Operations
  • George Muellner (CA) – 2nd term Vice Chairman of the Board, Aerospace Education
  • Len Vernamonti (MS) – 2nd term AFA Treasurer
  • Ed Garland (TX) – 1st term, AFA Secretary
National Directors are elected for three-year terms.
  • Rick W. Hartle (UT) – At-Large
  • Donald E. “Don” Taylor (TX) – At-Large
  • Donald R. “Don” Michels (GA) – Southeast Geographic Region
Newly Elected Region Presidents:
  • Central East – Scott VanCleef (VA)
  • Florida – Mike Emig (FL)
  • New England – Bob Wilkinson (MA)
  • North Central – Ron Garcia (ND)
  • Rocky Mountain – Gayle White (CA)
  • Southwest – Bob Hale (NV)
  • Texoma – Bob Slaughter (TX)
Continuing Region Presidents:
  • Great Lakes – Bill Grider (IN)
  • Midwest – Mike Cook (NE)
  • Northeast – Eric Taylor (PA)
  • Northwest – Rick Sine (WA)
  • Southeast – Dave Klinkicht (NC)
  • South Central – Tom Gwaltney (AL)
New Foreign Regional:
  • Maria "Vicky" Leos (South Korea)
  • Mike Nishimuta (Europe)

On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, the D.W. Steele Sr. Memorial Chapter, located in Arlington, Virginia, met to swear in its new officers. Chairman of the Board Sandy Schlitt was present to swear in Gavin “Mac” MacAloon, President; Kevin Lewis, Vice President of External Affairs (3rd term); Jeff “JC” Conners, Vice President of Internal Affairs; Tom Lacey, Secretary (3rd term); and Miles Sawyer, Treasurer for life. 

Outgoing Steele Chapter President Peter Jones will be moving on to a new position as State President. Lt Gen Richard Newton was also present to speak at the ceremony. (Bio can be found here:

AFA wishes all of the newly elected officers the best of luck throughout their terms as they uphold our mission to EDUCATE the public on the critical need for unmatched aerospace power and a technically superior workforce to ensure U.S. national security; ADVOCATE for aerospace power and STEM education; and SUPPORT the Total Air Force family, and promote aerospace education.

The new D.W. Steele Sr. Memorial Chapter officers L-R Tom Lacey (Secretary), Kevin Lewis (VP External Affairs), Lt. Gen. Newton, Gavin MacAloon (President), and Miles Sawyer (Treasurer).

Chairman of the Board Sandy Schlitt swears in the new officers for the D.W. Steele Sr. Memorial Chapter L-R Miles Sawyer (Treasurer), Tom Lacey (Secretary), Kevin Lewis (VP External Affairs), Lt. Gen. Newton, Gavin MacAloon (President).

Lieutenant General Richard Y. Newton, Assistant Vice Chief of Staff and Director, Air Staff, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.

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