Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stuxnet, National Museum of the AF

AFA members, Congressional staff members, civic leaders, DOCA members, an area that is receiving a good deal of attention lately is cyber security. We are now by any measure a cyber nation. Our national defense, banking, commerce, public safety, and most every aspect of our lives is touched by cyber systems, and we-far more than most any other nation-need assured and reliable access to computer systems and networks to function and compete globally. Predictably, those systems are now under attack. In some cases, the attacks are the work of hobbyist pranksters. In others, they are probes from nation states that want to steal information from us. And in others yet, they are malicious efforts to do us harm. A good piece was written recently regarding a particularly pernicious bit of "malicious logic" named "Stuxnet" that is regarded by many-because of its sophistication-as a "game changer." The best piece I could find on this is from Foreign Policy Research Institute (www.fpri.org). You can find the piece at: http://www.fpri.org/enotes/201011.picciotti_montanaro.cyberwar.html

Secondly, one of our former Vice Chairmen reminded me of a great collection of airplanes at the National Museum of the Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB, OH. If you are an airplane buff, take a look at the photos on their website: http://www.cdsg.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=381 … and if you ever get near WP, you should consider the Museum a must-visit.

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Michael M. Dunn
Air Force Association

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