Tuesday, December 28, 2010

AFA's 12 Days of Christmas

Here's a recap of AFA's 12 Days of Christmas -- that is, 12 reasons we love AFA!

On the first day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: access to the award-winning Air Force Magazine, the USAF Almanac, and the electronic news brief Daily Report which already reaches more than 130,000 readers worldwide. Be a part of that readership!

On the second day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: The Mitchell Institute for Airpower Studies! This world class aerospace and cyberspace think tank continues to influence the national security debate. For more information about the Mitchell Institute go to http://www.afa.org/Mitchell/

On the third day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: discounts on travel deals! AFA offers two travel programs to our members: Government Vacation Rewards and RCI. For affordable timeshares, cruises, flights and more, AFA knows you deserve a vacation!

On the fourth day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: an advocate on Capitol Hill! We brief Congressional staffers on airpower issues, educating as we go! Through policy papers, debates, and interaction with people who can make a difference in the Pentagon and on the Hill we make sure that AFA is a presence that is heard!

On the fifth day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: concerts, ceremonies, and other events at the Air Force Memorial . AFA was instrumental in the vision and creation of the Memorial, a site of reverence and remembrance. Come visit! http://www.afa.org/grl/

On the sixth day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: great deals on holiday gifts! Discounts are available through our online mall for members only! (http://www.afavba.org/shopping/default.asp#mall) offers discounts and rebates at some of your favorite stores and starting at the AFA Online Mall earns you rebate dollars from 1-20% of your purchase.

On the seventh day of Christmas, AFA gave to me (and many others for that matter!): more than $1.5 million in scholarships, grants, and awards annually. These programs and scholarships encourage Air Force members to continue their education, provide funds to Air Force spouses working toward a degree, and administer gr...ants that develop programs math and science skills. For more on these programs go to http://www.afa/. See more here: http://www.afa.org/aef/default.asp?pm=asg

On the eighth day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: the perfect gift to give, membership in AFA! Keep up-to-date on what AFA is fighting for! Each year we put out a Statement of Policy and Top Issues Brief to inform our members—and the world—of what we’re doing with the Air Force and on Capitol Hill. We want to share these tools with you! http://www.afa.org/AboutUs/PolicyIssues.asp

On the ninth day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: the chance to help future generations further their studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)—subjects that are vital to our security! Programs we sponsor--like CyberPatriot and Visions of Exploration (http://www.afa.org/aef/visions/)--reach kids nation...wide on a daily basis and show them an attainable and fun future!

On the tenth day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: the opportunity to make tax-deductible donations that make a difference! At its core, the Air Force Association is a grassroots membership organization. Starting with the gift of membership, a donation, or the presentation of one of our Fellowships, you are allowing us to ...further our mission! For more information on contributions or gifts in honor of a loved one, check here: http://www.afa.org/aef/cntrbtns/

On the eleventh day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: four world class conferences! As a member, you have the opportunity to attend our conferences and symposiums at a heavily discounted rate. At these events you will hear from the top leadership of the Air Force, academia, industry and historical Air Force icons. http://www.afa.org/aef/events.asp

On the twelfth day of Christmas, AFA gave to me: a growing network of Air Force officials, policy-makers, industry experts, and other members who, like you, care deeply about airpower and the mission of AFA. Join today, and start taking part the benefits we’ve listed! As our holiday gift to you, join, or give the gift... of membership for the discounted price of $39/yr, $90/3 years. Use promo code "12"!


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