Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To recap events from Day 1:

We had a great first day of our 2010 Air & Space Convention and Technology Expo.

More than a thousand attendees were present during the opening ceremonies and we had several great speakers and presentations (starting with a great welcome from Gen. Norton Schwartz, Chief of Staff of the Air Force.)

In a morning speech, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley spoke on “striking a strategic balance,” assuring that the US military remains committed to building a new long-range bomber but will take a cautious approach to avoid costly disasters from past weapons programs.

“We are confident that a modern long-range strike platform not only has been, but should remain, a critical tool in the nation’s arsenal,” Donley said as he called for a need to make difficult fiscal decisions during our harsh economic times.

In a later presentation, this concept was further spoken on as Lt. Gen. David A. Deptula, former DCS, ISR, led a presentation on asymmetrical warfare and current and future threats facing the USAF. “Our legacy fighters are being surpassed by China and Russia,” he said, as he emphasized focus must be given to the technology and resources involved in keeping our air supremacy as other countries continue to develop their programs. “Our ounce future threats are becoming current.” The global revolution to modernize weapons has been growing amongst our adversaries as they build up their airpower, he added. “Remember, there is no prize for second best.”

General Bruce A. Carlson, USAF (ret.), NRO Director, gave a great speech about new initiatives at the NRO during an afternoon presentation: five launches are planned in the next eight months and new workforce investments.

During an afternoon presentation, CMSAF James A. Roy, along with a panel of Command Chief Master Sergeants from the major commands, held a forum discussing issues affecting today’s airmen. Conversations from the CMSGTs forum had a great range of topics: current demands of deployment, policies on social networking sites, PT tests, suicide prevention, deployments, total force, retention, etc.

Gen. Charles E. Stenner spoke on the future of AF Reserve, including the importance of rebalancing the force for lean budget years ahead, putting the right people in the right place at the right time, and a requirement of new thinking to manage the Reserve.

This conference is a great opportunity for our nation’s leaders and protectors (as well as reporters, technology industry leaders and civilians) to come together. So check back with us periodically and keep your eye on the news, blogs and tweets to see what else is taking place at the 2010 Air & Space Conference and Technology Expo.

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