Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Major General Robin Rand as Speaker for September Air Force Breakfast

Every month AFA hosts an Air Force Breakfast Program, allowing an opportunity for senior Air Force and Department of Defense leaders to communicate directly with the public and the press. On September 28, 2010, Major General Robin Rand, Director of Legislative Liaison under the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, was the guest speaker for the September session, where he spoke to a room full of industry professionals, military members (active and retired), media and others.

Gen. Rand is the liaison between the Air Force and Congress on issues such as legislative and constituent inquiries, programs and weapons systems. During his career in the Air Force, which includes six overseas assignments, Gen. Rand had multiple flying tours, been an air liaison officer with the U.S. Army and served on the Joint Staff and in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Gen. Rand is a command pilot with more than 4,930 flying hours, including more than 470 combat hours.

During this September breakfast presentation, Gen. Rand specifically touched on three very important topics associated with the Air Force: the AF mission, the airmen and the families who support them.

“To fly, fight, and win ... in air, space, and cyberspace."

Gen. Rand relayed the stories of many airmen that he has met throughout his career; with pictures and quotes, he described his encounters with combat airmen, inquiring so often why they joined the Air Force. The answers ranged from better education and better opportunities to fulfilling one's duty and just trying to make Mother proud. He told the stories of some who were lost along the way and some who refused to stay down.

But ultimately, Gen. Rand reminded the audience that what is done here, what is advocated in DC and what we approach Congress about on the Hill, greatly matters in regards to the efforts and jobs of our airmen and troops. While they are in combat, training foreign troops, rebuilding villages, protecting our nation and providing support to their fellow brothers and sisters in combat, we must do the best here to support their efforts and advocate for their well-being.

All Air Force Breakfast Program Series sessions take place at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., and require registration. Check the AFA Breakfast Series site for more information.

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