Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RAF to Shrink to World War I Levels

August 10, 2010

Almost unnoticed in Washington this month was a piece announcing major cuts to the UK military. With these cuts, the headlines below says it all – The Royal Air Force will shrink to its smallest size since World War One.

We should be concerned about this for several reasons. First the UK have been our staunchest ally … and have provided the most troops, the most forces of any other nation in the world. If the RAF shrinks, so inevitably will UK commitment to NATO, to Coalitions like the Iraqs and Afghanistans of the future. We should also worry that the US and other allies will follow suit … Read more.

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Ed Parker said...

The U.S. is making drastic cuts in defense with more to come in the near future. Rumsfeld said we need a smaller but very mobile force. Unfortunately without modern tankers and plenty of airlift, that is not possible. Gates said we would cut F-22 levels drastically because we will be buying a bunch of F-35s. Now we are not going to buy many F-35s.