Thursday, August 19, 2010

National High School Cyber Defense Competition

August 20, 2010

AFA members, Congressional Staff Members, Civic Leaders, and DOCA members - as you may now have heard, AFA is embarked in the cyber world in a big way. Let me tell you about this new competition, called CyberPatriot.

CyberPatriot is the nation's largest Cyber Defense Competition. It is played in two divisions - one for JROTC and Civil Air Patrol units (of all Services) and another for all high schools in America. The competition is played first with academics and practice rounds (soon there will be a game on Facebook). During the competition, teams download a virtual network and defend it from attacks. Three rounds are played in each division - then the finals are in-person. My model for thinking about this, as it grows, is the Scripps Spelling Bee.

We are convinced CyberPatriot has the potential to transform the nation by our making a significant impact in an important new domain.

Moreover, I am certain that by successfully executing this year's expanded competition, we will be focusing high school students throughout America on an important element of our international competitiveness and national security.

A lot of work has gone on and is going on to organize and promote CyberPatriot. A few days ago I corresponded with the AFA Chapter, State, and Region Presidents to solicit their support in helping us reach out to more Junior ROTC units of all Services, more Civil Air Patrol squadrons, and more high schools throughout the nation, encouraging them all to register teams for this year's competition. I also am in the process of briefing/reaching every Member of Congress and/or their staffs. The material I sent them is now available to you for your own use in "evangelizing" CyberPatriot, and I encourage you to do just that.

I ask that you consider getting personally involved in recruiting teams by reviewing the material I forwarded to AFA leaders. It is available at our CyberPatriot web site under
the link "How AFA Chapters Can Help." Alternatively, you can access
the material directly.

You may wish to start by reviewing the "What is Cyber Security" paper and the "Chapter Outreach Briefing." The "Talking Paper" will make you a well-armed CyberPatriot advocate who can articulate why the program is important to high schools and organizations and why they
need to field teams. And the "Volunteer Outreach Checklist" will
walk you step-by-step through how to find target CAP squadrons, JROTC units, and high schools to recruit, and what to say to them.

Many of you have talents from which our youthful CyberPatriot team members could benefit. If you have experience in communications, computing, networks, or computer/network security, I ask you to consider registering as a "mentor" to assist a team in your area. Not only can you help them get ready for a fun competition, I promise you will have opportunities to tell young people why this area is important not only for our national security, but all for our well-being. Additionally you can pass the word our nation's Armed Forces are wonderful institutions. And you will be serving as another example of how AFA makes a positive difference. Please contact our CyberPatriot staff by email at or by calling 800-727-3337, ext. 5806 (or 703-247-5806).

Please help us as we do what's right for AFA by growing CyberPatriot into the program it can become. And please help us do what's right for America by encouraging our youth to learn about what the cyber world has to offer.

Thank you.

Michael M. Dunn
Air Force Association

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