Monday, April 26, 2010


AFA Members, Congressional Staffers, Civic leaders, DOCA members, last week one of you sent me a compendium of terrorist attacks world-wide – it came from a very inflammatory web site … and several of my board members counseled against sending it to you. What it caused me to do was to see if I could find an authoritative source for such a compendium. This past weekend, I found one. It is on the US National Counter Terrorism Center website --

The site takes some “maneuvering” to get the information you might want. Here are some of the things I did to get access to the info I wanted. Note the site pops up with a begin date and end date of all of 2009. I next went to select a report by country; then hit “Generate a Report”

Secondly, hit the map button to show a map of the world … and the number of attacks per country. [Note: my system asked me if I wanted the information using only a secure connection – and to get the map, you have to say, No.]

My Observations:

I was surprised that there were almost 11,000 attacks in over 80 countries last year, killing almost 15,000 and wounding over 32,000

It was not surprising that Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan had the most. However, I was surprised that India was #4

I was also surprised that Somali and Democratic Republic of Congo had more large attacks than Afghanistan (ones that had 20 or more casualties)

Play with the site a bit and give me feedback on it. [I know it is not exactly accurate – as the US is cited with having 14 attacks … with 8 of them in Georgia. When I clicked on Georgia, it showed the attacks occurring in the country of Georgia.]

For your consideration.

Michael M. Dunn
Air Force Association


Unknown said...

"... a compendium of terrorist attacks world-wide – it came from a very inflammatory web site … and several of my board members counseled against sending it to you."
My direct ancestors came to this country well before the American Revolution. They all sacrificed on behalf of the founding of our country. In their memory I ask you and those who counsel you to print the truth as you find it. Let nothing stop Americans from printing and discussing the facts as we find them. Those who counsel otherwise become the defenders of political and social rot.

Jack said...

Several questions come to mind about the NCTC site. First and foremost is the accuracy concern. A mistake on data entry of putting the country of Georgia attacks in the US state of Georgia record is a game breaker.....for an organization that is supposed to be the penultiimate source on terrorism in the US government. That is unforgiveable.
Is the total number of supposed attacks credible? Over 11,000 in 2009? That's over 300 per day?! Over 140 attacks per country per year? And few made it into the media on-line or traditional.
This calls into question who was doing the reporting, what was their criteria and credible were their sources? Would the data seem more valid if known areas of conflict were stripped out (i.e remove Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya,etc. When there is an acknowledged armed conflict should the actions of either side be categorized as "terrorism"?

speculator 1 said...

If Mike Dunn would use a few more We's and Our's instead of a long stream of MY's and I's and HIS'ns I think he could capture a few more interestd readers ??

Speculator 1

Unknown said...

This is a very useful site. Someone went to a great deal of trouble in assembling all this information. Thanks.

DrBonnie said...

Thank YOU, again