Wednesday, April 21, 2010


AFA members, Congressional Staffers, Civic Leaders, and DOCA members, in recent weeks many of our members have published op-eds in papers around the country. Most are available on-line … but one or two appeared in just the print addition. Here is a sampling of a few of the pieces:

1.Marv Tooman, in the Des Moines Register, states it would be a mistake to focus only on the present fight. Air Force aircraft are old and need to be replaced. We need to be concerned about next generation aircraft from Russia and China as Airpower is our asymmetric edge. It will take a commitment to our long-term security to maintain a strong defense --
2.Dave Dietsch argues in the Fort Worth Star Telegram that the nation is depending on the F-35. Given the age of the Air Force fleet, it would be tempting, yet a mistake to cut back on the program --
3.Ross Lampert, in the Sierra Vista Herald, argues that the F-35 should be based at Sierra Vista. Its noise footprint is not as loud as it has been portrayed, and it would continue the proud tradition of Sierra Vista supporting the military --
4.Rick Gibbs in the North County Times (San Diego area) posits that the successful Airborne Laser tests have opened a new chapter and could revolutionize warfare. The program is minimally funded for the upcoming year, and a robust test program should be supported by the Congress. The program is truly transformational --
5.Both Arthur MacFadden (Chattanooga Times Free Press) and Scott Van Cleef (Roanoke Times) have excellent pieces on the importance of Airpower.
Congratulations to each and every author for taking the initiative to help educate both the public and opinion makers.

For your consideration.


Michael M. Dunn
Air Force Association

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