Monday, September 24, 2012

Four-Star Forum: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday afternoon’s Four-Star Forum was certainly a major highlight of this year’s conference. The Generals covered topics ranging from leadership to the demanding strain placed on our current Force. General Johns, Commander, Air Mobility Command, started off the panel by saying the Air Force needs to focus on “answering the call of others so they can prevail.” General Welsh, CSAF, exerted himself as a true leader throughout the panel, giving advice on successful leadership tactics, and pointing out that we must focus on the people behind the hardware. “We can’t have airpower without airmen,” Welsh said, and discussed the challenges our airmen face today: including the demanding requirements for promotion within the midgrade officer ranks.

Chief Roy, CMSAF, once again, did a great job at bringing the enlisted perspective to the foreground, stating that 79 airmen this year alone have committed suicide which is a problem that needs our attention now more than ever. He calls on leadership to continue to watch over our airmen and to maintain a positive quality of life for those who serve our country.

Our most recent four-star general, General Herbert Carlisle, Commander, Pacific Air Forces, addressed the need to define our priorities and clearly determine what are the most important tasks verses what we can afford not to do in our current downsized environment. “We cannot do more with less. We have to do less.” - General Carlisle.

Each General commented on the importance of reconsidering what we value, realigning our priorities, and coming to a more clear definition of what should be emphasized in order to continue successfully protecting our freedoms and serving our nation to the best of our ability. “Culture is behavior over time,” said General Kowalski, Commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, and the entire panel appeared ready to lead the Force through the current period of potential sequestration.

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